Our relationship with our clothes has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades;Somehow we have fallen into a monotonous cycle of shopping, stockpiling and then periodically binning our clothes rather than cherishing, valuing and loving them. Aside from the sad thought that many of the items we initially loved so much now aren't guaranteed to see the light of day, the fact remains that in the UK alone, around 350,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill every year.

At least three business models are coming to match fashion development:

Fashion life extension: elongating the useful life of fashion products .Luxury fashion last forever.

Sharing platform: opening up new ways of sharing and harnessing technology to use assets more effectively.Online marketplace MyGoodCloset is the best solution to make it happen.

Product as a service: a shift from products to services and from consumer-based models to user-based models.Let's think if we have to be the single owner of luxury fashion products or one of the owners during the products life!

Eva Karlsson, CEO and creative director of Houdini Sportswear, highlighted how her company has tapped into the circular economy to grow its business to jurnalist Stephen Kennett July 28, 2014 for greenbiz.com : "When we design products and develop products, we look at them as wearable 'multitudes'. They have to be long-lasting, and they have to be versatile. And they are performance-driven in the way we develop them, not style-driven. So there's a big difference in how we look at products compared to, say, the fashion industry."

She added that the business is also looking at reuse, repair and rental business models for its products: "Rental is the best example of how we are pushing boundaries. If you go skiing for one week, why would you want to own a shell? It just hangs in your wardrobe. So, rent one." Karlsson said that 65 percent of Houdini's products are produced under a circular versus linear model.

MyGoodCloset is created to give answers to all consumers who want to be involved in creating new life and new love for the clothes they no longer wear.




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