I don’t know about you, but come this time of the year I always make my fashion resolutions and sometimes I keep them and sometimes I don’t. Well, this time I have made up my mind once and for all and I promise, that I will keep them no matter what!

Resolution #1.

I promise not to buy another LBD for a year. I have about 30 in my wardrobe and I think enough is enough!

Resolution # 2

I promise when I go shopping for clothes, not to come back with 3 new pairs of shoes and no new clothes.

Resolution # 3

I promise to keep my wardrobe neat and tidy. Having a clutter-free closet, not only looks good, but It will help me get dressed in the mornings with a lot less stress!

Resolution #4

I will get rid everything that I haven't worn in over a year. I will sell my  pre-loved slightly used pieces and toss anything that's beyond repair.

Resolution #5

Instead of buying too many items I usually end up not wearing, once in a while a will splurge and buy just one, but a good one. A piece of jewelry, a beautiful bag, an expensive watch