Buying counterfeit products , consumers ego and prestige are as fake as the products they buy.

Why ?

We , the consumers , think that, by buying fake Louis Vuitton bag, for example, we do no harm since

a) LVMH is very rich anyway,

b) their (original) products are overpriced just because it is a brand,

c) it is a proof that the bag shouldn’t be as costly as the original one since they can make the fake products with the similar quality and half the price, so by buying fake products we “show” them that they’re a greedy company and they “should do” something to match the price of the fake ones.

We actually do a good deeds by “punishing” the greedy corporation.

Well, think again.

When we buy counterfeit products, we don’t deal with the corporation – they suffer, they are the victims, just like us. Their intellectual property rights are being violated, their corporate image are at stake, and they spend a lot of money to fight this. No, we deal with counterfeit industry, manufacturers with no name, no responsibility for consumer safety and workers safety, and abuse everything from stealing the ideas to chain their workers for 100 hours a week.

The future consumers of fake products may change their mind if they read the report how the manufacturers employ child labors and how they are forced to work in such a terrible working conditions for long hours without proper meal and break, even fresh air. And for what? Our ego and prestige, which are just as fake as the bags we carry.

So no, if we can’t afford it, we should rather buy some less-known brand goods rather than buying knock-off ones.

If you think that as a consumer you are not a victim by buying counterfeit goods, think again.

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