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MYGOODCLOSET Giveaway is the name of our sweepstakes. It's included in the header of our official rules on every giveaway post.

ii. No Purchase Necessary

A  purchase won’t increase their odds of winning—it’s the law. ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ before, which means entrants cannot be required to make a purchase or plunk down money in some form or fashion to enter to win a contest or sweepstakes.

iii. Promotion Description

This is where you give a high-level description of your sweepstakes, including the dates and times of when our giveaway starts and ends inclunding  time zone. We list the sponsor company of the giveaway, and the administrator if applicable.We always include a contact email address so participants can email us if they have any questions before going further.

iv. Eligibility

Eligible to participate and ultimately win the prize(s) we are giving away are everybody worldwide excluding ages under 16 years old. 

Employees of the sponsoring company and their family members aren’t eligible  to participate .

v. Prizes

On each giveaway is described  the prize we are giving away,  how many prizes we .are giving away, and how many winners will be given each prize.

There is not the option for a prize to be replaced by cash or a gift card.  We ship the prize to the winner and it’s up to MYGOODCLOSET to pay for the shipping. 

vi. How to Enter

On each giveaway post we describe what  participants have to do to officially enter.  Entrants can’t enter with a bot or a service that automatically enters participants as we encourage and accept  just authentic participation

vii. Winner Selection

As a sweepstakes should be,  winners will be chosen at random. We choose the winner using official platform . Winners will be chosen in the next 24 h after the giveaway period ending. The odds of winning the giveaway is commonly dependent on the number of entries.

viii. Winner Notification

Our giveaway winners will be contacted via instagram and / or facebook , depending where the giveaway is placed. Each winner will have to claim their prize by the certain date or timeframe that is been refered on each giveaway post . If for any reason there is no winner announcement MYGOODCLOSET has to explain officially and in publicity  what happens to the prize.

ix. Privacy

Typically, as participants are entering a GIVEAWAY, they’re exchanging information with MYGOODCLOSET to enter. All these information is been used according our privacy policy.

x. Limitation of Liability

As the sponsor of the giveaway, MYGOODCLOSET is  liable to complete the giveaway. 

xi. Social Network Disclaimers

Every  giveaway on a social media platform is planned according the certain social media Guidelines and Giveaway rules.

xii. Winner List

 MYGOODCLOSET as a giveaway sponsor lists  the giveaway’s winners on its webpage or social media post.

xiii. Sponsor

MYGOODCLOSET is the sponsor of the giveaway and our company and contacy information is listed on our webpage and terms and conditions section.

xiv. Administrator

If a  giveaway has an administrator, we list  the administrator company and contact information on the certain giveaway post . Usually we don't have   an advertising agency that is managing a giveaway  promotion on behalf of MYGOODCLOSET.