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Terms & Conditions of use

1 Introduction

The present terms define the participation and the use of the range of services, provided on the website by the company “Chriset” and the relevant to them services. The following terms and conditions shall apply for the use of the website

In case a user logs on or registers in the website and/or uses the services provided on it, the present terms of use are considered to be in effect, as well as that the user has unconditionally accepted the terms included hereunder in total. Before using the website each user should make sure that agrees with the following terms and conditions by clicking “Accept” where indicated. You are strongly recommended to print and keep a copy of the terms of use for

 future reference. If you do not agree with the following terms you are advised to avoid the use of the online store and/or any transaction with it. preserves the right, without prior notice of the user, to freely change, alter, complement the present terms or revise and/or add or remove certain provisions at its own discretion whenever it is considered necessary and it also undertakes the responsibility to notify the users for any amendment of its website. Terms that deviate from the present, are put in effect and apply against every user only after they are accessible to everyone on the website of

2 Definitions

The following terms have the following content:

2.1. is the company with the name “Chriset Single Member P.C.” and the distinctive title “Chriset S.M.P.C.”, which was set up in Greece, it is based in Katerini, 8, Notara str., VAT number: 800483197, IRS of Katerini with suppliers’ registration number of article 4 § 12, Law 2251/1994.

2.2. The website is [], which belongs to and it is administrated by

2.3. Service: the service of, which provides the opportunity for prospective sellers and buyers to see, browse, offer for selling, sell or buy the products through the website and according to these terms of use.

2.4. User: the visitor of the website as well as the seller or buyer of Products.

2.5. The Products are new with or without labels, not used or slightly used (second-hand), clothes, footwear, accessories, vintage objects, decorative objects, works of art and small pieces of furniture in good condition which have internationally recognizable trademarks and are offered for selling by the user. The following are not considered to be Products and are not part of the present terms nor of the relevant services: the ones copied or with trademark infringement, the not genuine ones, the ones not designed or made by the natural or legal person stated on the label or trademark, the imitation or fake ones, the faulty products, replicas. A list with internationally recognizable trademarks is especially give by for clothes, accessories and vintage objects.

2.6. Commission: the remuneration of for the provided service which is paid by the seller and is calculated in percentage on the total price paid by the buyer.

2.7. Agreement: the present terms of use.

2.8. Notification: notification is always in writing.

3 General information

3.1. provides its service as described in the present terms through its website. Each user understands and agrees that is not a producer, manufacturer, supplier or distributor of the products, it does not participate in the transaction between users nor does it define the prices of the Products. Therefore, the user understands and agrees that the purchase agreement is strictly made between the buyer and the seller of the Product and that only mediates in the transaction for a certain commission fee.

3.2. is not responsible for the existence, quality, appropriateness, legitimacy of the Products, the legal capacity of the users and the completion of transaction between the users, beyond what is explicitly mentioned in the present terms of use. 

3.3. does not guarantee that the website and the service will be provided without interruption. At the same time, it reserves the right to make changes to the website, to its content and to its function. It has the right to cease the presentation of any product, which in its sole discretion, does not meet the criteria defined in the present terms. The ceasing takes place without reasoning at any moment and without notice or penalty.

4 Activation of the Service

4.1. Registration of the user is a prerequisite for the use of on-line and the additional range of services. The user must register as a member through the corresponding registration page by accurately filling in the information required by the relevant form. Upon the user’s registration on the website, required personal data must be declared (name, surname, address, e-mail address etc.). considers as a fact that the declared data is current, actual, correct and complete. The user is obliged to promptly inform of any change regarding its personal data, as registered during its registration, in particular in case of changes regarding its e-mail address. Furthermore, the user is obliged to confirm to its data accuracy, whenever asked to do so.

4.2. By registering, the user guarantees that he/she has the legal capacity to use the service and that the use of the service is not forbidden or restricted in any way by the Laws of his/her place of residence or of the place of the internet access provider or by any other applicable Law. Registration is allowed solely to adult natural persons. In case the user is a minor, the completion of the registration form is considered as an irrebuttable presumption in favour of, that the minor has received previous consent from its legal guardians. shall not be considered liable for the access of minors to data including contents addressed to adults.

4.3. A confirmation message sent via e-mail to the user’s declared e-mail address confirms a successful registration to the website of This message contains a link through which the user may activate its user account simply by clicking on the relevant activation link. After the user’s account activation, a valid contract of indefinite term is put in force between the user and according to the present terms. In case that for any reason the registration procedure deviates from the aforesaid procedure, the user will be adequately informed in advance by a confirmation message. cannot unjustifiably deny registration to any user, provided that its compliance with the present terms is beyond doubt. Upon its successful registration, the user acquires a personal user account, which the user has exclusive right to manage. The immediate change of password is recommended according to the instructions provided in the relevant form. The passwords are secret and personal and their notification or transfer is forbidden. The user may create a sole user account. Upon registration, the user must declare a user’s name and a valid e-mail address. The user cannot demand the provision of a certain user’s name, whereas strict priority date will be kept among the applicants for the provision of a particular user name. The user’s name may not have an illegal or immoral content, infringe established rights of third parties, violate personal data, offend or insult anyone or offend moral principles. Among others, the user is not allowed to choose as a user name an e-mail address, web address or a domain name. The user ensures that the declared data is current, actual, correct and complete and is in a position to verify them whenever asked.

4.5. reserves the right to deactivate a user’s account without reasoning and without prior notice or penalty, according to its sole discretion, whenever it is considered that the user is in breach of the present terms or any relevant legislation.

4.6. The user who wishes to offer his/her products for sale must fill in the relevant form, stating all the information required. You can see the data of the format SELL. By completing the form, the user guarantees that the data he/she provides, including the description of the products, is true, accurate and correct. He/She must mention in every detail any fLaws of the products even if they are insignificant. He/She also guarantees for the ownership of the Products, that they are in his/her possession and occupation, that he/she has the legal capacity and is entitled to post them on the website, to sell them and deliver them to any potential buyer via The user also guarantees that the products have all the features and components foreseen by the present terms and that he/she has the copyright license if such is necessary. The user, by completing the form, undertakes the responsibility to complete the sale, to deliver the product and to pay the commission, reserving only the following right: the seller is entitled to ask in writing to cease the posting of his/her product. must, within 48 hours from the previous request, withdraw the product from the website and notify the seller. However, if somebody chooses to buy the Product within these 48 hours, the seller is obliged to sell and deliver the Product.

In case of breach of any of the above terms, is entitled to deactivate the account and to demand from the user any possible damages.

4.7. The Products shall be posted on the website by, following an audit by, while the latter is entitled to reject them in case, according to its sole discretion, do not meet the present terms or the requirements of the website.

4.8. The buyer is obliged to state an address (home or work address) for the order to be delivered in working days and hours. The buyer has the sole responsibility in case he/she states the wrong address.

4.9. In case the seller is absent, he/she is obliged to activate the ON HOLIDAYS key. This indication shall appear on his/her posted products, which will not be available for sale for this specific time period. The seller is obliged to deactivate this key when he/she returns.

5 Transaction between users

5.1. provides a restricted, of limited duration, non-exclusive right of access and use of the website, having as a sole purpose the buying and selling of products between the users. All actions taking place with reference to the website or service must be carried out for the aforementioned purpose. The use of the website for any other purpose is forbidden.

5.2. It should be noted that only provides the possibility to conclude a transaction of the products, only between users.

5.3. It is forbidden for users to proceed to a transaction regarding Products posted to website without the intervention of In case of breach of the aforementioned term, is entitled to deactivate all involved users’ account and to claim any possible damages.

5.4. assumes no responsibility for the completion or not of the transaction.

5.5. assumes no responsibility for taxes, fees, duties or other fees charged to the products according to the relevant applicable Law.

5.6. The buyer selects the product he/she wants and adds it to his/her shopping bag. By doing that, the buyer accepts the properties and characteristics of the product. He/She also accepts to buy the product and to pay the price, which includes apart from the value of the product, the shipping costs and the commission of the website as referred to in the relevant section. sends an email to the buyer describing in detail the order and its confirmation. The buyer has confirmed the order with the execution of payment through the paying system of the website and the email of the website is the temporary “proof” of transaction until the receipt of the item. The seller is informed via email that the specific product is sold. The seller is obliged to send the sold item to within two days from the aforementioned update in the condition described in the website and appropriately packaged. He/She is also obliged to send to the tracking number, so that the tracking of the item is facilitated. The product is delivered to and undertakes the responsibility to properly post it to the buyer in a period of time depending on the way of shipment chosen by the buyer and on the places of shipment and destination. The date that the purchased item can be dispatched to the buyer depends on when receives the product from the seller. Therefore, does not commit in any way to a specific delivery date whatsoever. However, the shipping date will be no later than thirty (30) days after the date the order was placed. also undertakes the responsibility to properly pack the item and ship it to the buyer. Upon receipt of the product from the seller, conducts a thorough quality control and either identifies and confirms that the product complies with the features, description etc. as it appears on the site (in which case it is considered as “accepted”) or that the product fails to comply and is rejected (as “not convenient”). The first case is subsequently concluded with the seller’s immediate payment in his/her storecredit. Should a product is identified as “not convenient” the transaction is cancelled and undertakes all shipping costs to return the product to the seller.

The product, under the responsibility of must be delivered within 7 to 10 working days, if it is a remote area, from his/her updating concerning the confirmation of order. pays the price to the seller after withholding its commission, in the last five days of the month following the receipt of the money from the buyer. reserves the right to refuse an order from a buyer with whom a dispute exists regarding the payment of a previous order or for a product for which a material error has been made regarding its sale price.

5.7. is not responsible for the meeting of these deadlines by the users, who are obliged to immediately inform about the reason of any possible delay.

5.8. The seller undertakes the responsibility of any possible destruction or deterioration of the product during its shipment until it reaches Upon delivery the risk is transferred to

5.9. In case of non-delivery of the product within the above deadlines, the seller has a two day deadline to notify In case realizes that the delivery is impossible, is obliged to return the money to the buyer. is entitled to claim from the seller any possible damages as well as to deactivate his/her account. The above apply regardless of fault of the seller or the transport company.

5.10. In case the buyer wants to return the Product due to non authenticity or defectiveness not stated by the seller or non apparent on the posted photo or due to its destruction or due to provision of misleading information by the seller, the TOTAL price for the purchase of the product is refunded to the buyer, i.e.: The shipping costs paid by the seller (transport for the sale) and the commission of the website are not withheld from the price the buyer paid in total but the total amount of money he/she paid is refunded to his/her account in PayPal. The shipping cost for the return of the product from the buyer to, only in this case, is paid by the seller. apologizes to the buyer after the studying of the detailed data (description-photos) the buyer sends in order for to substantiate the complaint and respectively notify the buyer that the total cost he/she has paid for the purchase of the product is going to be paid back to him/her through PayPal.

The reason of return has been respectively filled in the return form by the buyer and is sent to, hence it is really important to be filled in correctly and precisely since it is a complaint for the quality of the product and it is deemed to be an attempt of the seller to deceive the website and the buyer. The return form has the respective option sections (defective, in a different condition from the one described in the information given to the website by the seller, fake etc.).

If considers that the data is insufficient, it has the right not to accept the complaint and to ask the dissatisfied purchaser for further information. Should the purchaser fail to provide further information to substantiate his/her complaint or the new data do not justify such a complaint, has the right to consider that the return cannot be concluded.

5.11. Should, after conducting a thorough examination of the product upon its receipt from the seller, discovers that the product does not comply with the information and details granted by the seller thereof, two different options arise.

  1. a) Either returns the item to the seller charging all shipping costs on him/her and simultaneously informing the buyer about the reasons of cancelling the transaction and refunds the buyer in total, or
  2. b) Informs the buyer about the discrepancy of the item as recorded during the aforementioned examination and asks him/her about the possibility of accepting the item with the discrepancy at a reduced price. The seller is also asked about the potential of accepting such a reduction. Should both parties agree on the reduced selling price of the item, the transaction is concluded.

5.12. The non professional seller is always paid immediately via the selected payment method, as soon as conducts the aforementioned examination of the product and confirms that the product complies with the description and the features as described by the seller when the product was listed for sale. Immediate shipment of the item to the buyer follows.

6 Reselling & Return Policy

6.1. The user maintains at all times the right to sell the delivered products without any time restrictions or limitations to the selling price (provided that the transaction does not fall under the provisions of par. 6.3 or 6.4), regardless of whether the products were purchased by an individual person or a seller by profession. The obligation to provide an accurate description meeting all the criteria set out in the present terms and conditions applies equally.

6.2. Should the purchased item was owned and offered for sale by an individual person the return policy to the seller does not apply according to provision 6.3 and offers to the purchaser, the possibility, instead of returning the product to the seller, under the relevant provisions of the present terms, to resell it via at the same price and with the same description as it was purchased according to provision 6.3 or to use it and sell it whenever and at any price via or any other on-line or natural store according to provision 6.1. Regardless of whether the purchaser opts to resell a product, the seller is paid at once according to section 5.12 and the amount for the product is due to his/her account, according to the preferred payment method.

6.3. The purchaser maintains at all times the right to return to the purchased product by using the return button, which is available in the order history of his/her account, for a period of 14 days upon receipt of the products. Upon the use of the return button, confirms the purchaser’s will to resell the received product via a confirmation email, whereby informs the purchaser that the product will be available on the site under the same description, the same features and the same price as it was purchased by the buyer. In this occasion the product can be returned to when a new buyer purchases it over again, as long as it hasn’t been used or altered. The buyer undertakes all shipping costs for returning the product to and the relevant amount of twenty Euros (20,00 €) is deducted from the sale price due to his/her account. will not deduct a commission if any such relisted items are subsequently sold. will however, deduct the relevant charges to cover its shipping, packaging and management charges in respect of items that are resold on its website. The return of an imitation or faulty product is made according to the terms mentioned below.

6.4. For purchases from professional sellers, for which the transactions are concluded and the return policy applies according to the present terms and the provision of ar. 4 par. 10 of Law 2251/1994, the purchaser has a 14 days period upon receipt of the product, unless the seller provides a longer period, during which the item can be returned in its original condition. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the Product and after he/she notifies about that, the buyer can return the item at his own expense to the seller. In this case, the buyer is obliged to update his/her account concerning the return of the product and the reason of the return. Whenever such a return occurs, the value of the product is refunded to the buyer. The purchaser is solely charged with the shipping costs. only requests the reason of the return for statistical reasons. The reason of return can be respectively filled in the return form by the buyer and is sent to (e.g. inappropriate size, doesn’t fit, changed my mind).

6.5. The product information page indicates whether the product that is listed for sale is owned and being sold by an individual person or by a professional seller.

7 Product Unavailability/Order Refusal


7.1. In the event that any item purchased by a buyer is unavailable for any reason whatsoever after confirmation of an order, will promptly contact the buyer thereof. In such a case the buyer has the following options offered by

- Replace the order with one or more vouchers of equal value to the cancelled transaction.

- Replace the order with one or more replacement products of equivalent quality and price.

- Cancel the order and if payment has been collected, refund the buyer in total.

Should the buyer accept a replacement product, the shipping cost for the replacement will be borne by In case the buyer opts to cancel the order, undertakes the responsibility to refund the buyer in total within thirty (30) days upon receipt of such a notice.

8 Pricing policy

8.1. The seller has posted on the submission form of the product for sale the price of the product in which the shipping cost is included (transport from the seller to The buyer bears the shipping cost from to him/her and it is added to the total price he/she has to pay during checkout. The shipping costs from to the buyer vary on the delivery address as stated by the buyer. The shipping costs and the commission of the website are divided between the seller and the buyer as indicated in the relevant section of the present terms and conditions.

8.2. The buyer always pays the price which is indicated at the time of checkout next to the product he/she orders. The price displayed on each product during checkout is the final price including VAT. The commission is withheld from the amount credited to his/her account and it is calculated according to the value of the item as it appears on the website of the product for sale, i.e. according to value of the product in which the shipping costs and any other cost for the transport of the product (e.g. packaging cost) are included.

8.3. The prices are freely defined by the seller. For the seller’s convenience, provides a special form in which prices are suggested according to the age and brand name of the Product. The seller always receives from the price indicated at the time of the order next to the product, which is sold, after deducting the amount of the commission. It is forbidden to the seller to change the price.

8.4. The recommended percentage for the monthly commission is 20% on the price of each product sold the Products sold every month and it is automatically withheld through PayPal from the seller’s account.

8.5. The seller selects the shipping company of the product to The shipping cost has already been included in the price of the product as it is posted on the website and it is not in any way negotiable value of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. Moreover, the shipping is obligingly made with the use of the tracking service, i.e. the shipping company gives the seller the tracking number which accompanies the package and this number is posted on the webpage by the seller and through the webpage of the buyer.

8.6. A tax voucher for the provision of services is issued by for the buying and selling of Products. does not bear any other responsibility.

9 Payment method

Payments (including shipping fees) are accepted via credit card, cash on delivery or PayPal. In the event that purchased goods are not available at the time your order is ready to be processed for shipping, any amounts credited in advance will be refunded immediately.

Please keep in mind that some banks charge an additional fee for foreign money transfers/credit card transactions. This does not apply to exclusively and should be clarified beforehand with your bank. MYGOODCLOSET does not charge any additional international transactions fees.

9.1 Credit Card
We accept Visa , MasterCard and American Express.

For security reasons, first-time orders can only be shipped to the cardholder´s billing address or a corporate work address which we are able to independently verify. To avoid delays, please make sure that your billing address matches the address on your credit card statement, and that the cardholder´s name is written exactly as it appears on your credit card. In the unlikely event that we need to contact you during the authentication process, please ensure that your contact details are accurate.

MasterCard® Securecode & Verified by Visa®

  • To give you even more confidence in shopping online with MYGOODCLOSET, we have introduced MasterCard® SecureCode and Verified by Visa®. This service protects your credit card account from unauthorized use when you shop with us.
  • To use these services, you must first register with the bank or credit card institution that issued your card. To find out more click here to visit the MasterCard® SecureCode website or click here visit the Verified by Visa® website.
  • Once you have registered and created your own private password with your card issuer, you will be automatically prompted at checkout to provide this password each time you make a purchase. This means that even if someone gets access to your card number, a purchase will not be able to be completed without your private password.
  • Your MasterCard® SecureCode and your Verified by Visa® passwords are not your account password. MYGOODCLOSET does not have access to your MasterCard® SecureCode or Verified by Visa® passwords.

American Express

  • When shipping to a delivery address other than your billing address, American Express must have your alternative delivery address in their system. To limit delays when processing your order, please contact American Express and give them your alternative delivery address prior to placing your order. We will contact American Express to verify your alternative delivery address during the order confirmation process.

9.2 Security works with the security software SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is based on asymmetrical encryption to prevent malpractice or deception or copying of credit card information during the purchase process which automatically ensures that neither Mygoodcloset nor any third parties have access to this information. This credit card information will only be used again for after purchase transactions in the case of refunds. Please note that this is a direct withdrawal immediately after purchase.

9.3 Cash On Delivery (COD)
Payment by COD incurs a non-refundable fee of €6.50.

We offer this payment option in Greece.

COD refunds for returned items can only be made to a bank account.

The amount on your invoice must be paid in full with cash to the driver or courier upon receipt of the goods. If the driver or courier attempts to collect a different amount other than what is stated on your invoice, please contact MYGOODCLOSET customer service before payment.

We do not offer the COD payment option if your billing address is different from your delivery address (e.g. gift parcels).

9.4 PayPal

Checkout with PayPal
We currently offer this payment option for United States Dollars and Euros.

Simply choose PayPal when you select a payment option on our site and you will be redirected to the PayPal website. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can quickly open one during the checkout process. For more information, please visit

10 Information and products provided – Limitation of liability

10.1. makes every effort to control the quality, completeness, accuracy and validity of the information and Products posted on its website. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the relevant electronic transactions, it cannot bear any relevant responsibility. The user is requested to contact in case he/she notices any problems with the provided information and Products.

10.2. is neither responsible nor bound for errors that are the result of an oversight during the entry of electronic data on the website.

10.3., within the framework of the provision of services, is not responsible for any possible further damages caused by the execution or not of the orders or by the delay of execution for any reason or by the completion or not of the transaction.

10.4. cannot guarantee anything else beyond the things expressly stated in the corresponding sections.

10.5. provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos and images), the products and the services, which are available through the website “exactly as they are” or as they are provided by the user, without any other precondition or guarantee. This information is not an advice of any nature. is not responsible in any case for any damage (incidental or consequential, present or future) that might be caused to a user or third party due to a reason that has any connection with the function and the use of the website and the provision of the relevant products, information and services or with the inability to provide services or products or information or with any not allowed interventions form third parties on products or services or information provided through the website.

10.6. does not bear any responsibility for any differences, claims, damages etc. caused between users or between users and third parties form the function of the website or the provision of service.

10.7. The user, by connecting to links of the website, automatically leaves the website. does not control the links or the associated websites and does not bear any responsibility. 

10.8., due to the special nature of the Internet, does not guarantee that the service, the functions, the selections and the content of the website shall be provided without interruption or that there won’t be any technical problems. Therefore, it does not bear any responsibility.

10.9. Anyhow, the responsibility of is restricted to 100,00 €.

10.10. includes links to other websites controlled by third parties and not by does not bear any liability in any case for the content, the safety or the personal data policies of these websites.

10.11. The user is directly and exclusively liable in case of breach of third party rights. The user is under an obligation to provide restitution to for any damage that the latter may sustain, for breach of its obligations, as these derive from the present terms and conditions. The user releases from any other users’ or third party claims against as a result of breach of their rights due to publication of contents by the user in breach or due to breach of other obligations. The user undertakes in such event to cover the necessary cost of legal coverage, which might include various costs related to litigation or extrajudicial settlements. The user is discharged from any liability, if damage is not due to its unlawful behaviour.

10.12. The user assumes sole responsibility for the validity, credibility, and the compliance with the Law and moral principles of its published content and entries, thereby releasing entirely of any third party claims or Lawsuits. bares no responsibility whatsoever for the content published by the user. The user concedes to the permanent, irrevocable and non exclusive right to make use of the contents and entries published by the user under the communication facilities provided on website. declares that it does not conduct active control of the published contents on a regular basis. However, it preserves the right to randomly monitor the content posted. The user has the right to inform for alleged published illegal, immoral, insulting etc. content. In case such a violation is confirmed is obliged to immediately delete the relevant content.

10.13. shall not be liable for any malfunctions or faults within the web, which are due to the web’s normal use and/or could not have been foreseen by taking prudent and diligent measures.

10.14. In case of loss of user’s data shall be liable in accordance with the present terms, only if such loss could not be averted by the user through the security measures provided by for the protection of data.

11 Dissolution – Termination of agreement

11.1. The user agrees to and accepts all terms of use during the use of the service or website.

11.2. can terminate the agreement without prior notice or penalty in case the user breaches any of the terms as well as in case the service or the website is used contrary to the Law or in a threatening, offensive, disturbing, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, indecent, racist way or in breach of confidentiality or if it causes any damage to a third party or to or offends morality or the interests of If any of the above cases takes place, is entitled to delete the user’s account.

11.3. The agreement is terminated in case the user asks for a deletion of his/her account.

11.4. In any case, reserves all legal rights.

11.5. is not liable for any damage caused to the user himself or a third party sustained due to the user’s breach of any of its contractual obligations.

11.6. reserves the exercise of all its legal or contractual rights against the user in breach, as well as to take the following measures, especially in circumstances where the user is responsible for breach of legal provisions, third party rights, the present terms and conditions and/or any other complimentary applicable provisions and/or the present terms:

  1. a) Total or partial deletion of contents,
  2. b) User’s warning,
  3. c) Publication of violating behaviour on the website where the behaviour was evidenced with mention of the user’s name,
  4. d) Temporary or permanent banning of the user from some or all of the website activities,
  5. e) Temporary or permanent deletion of the user,
  6. f) Temporary or permanent banning of the user from the entirety of com offered services,
  7. g) Termination of the user’s agreement of use, without previous notice to the user.

11.7. In the event that a user is banned or is temporarily or permanently deleted, the latter cannot re-register without’s previous express approval to that effect. The user does not maintain a claim for the ban, the deletion, the digital interim or other measures to be lifted, mentioned in this paragraph.

12 Protection of Personal Data

12.1. complies fully with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding the protection of individual from processing of personal data, as in force, and has made all required notifications to the Personal Data Protection Authority, in accordance with article 6 of the Law in question. The protection of the user’s personal data is in force and is applicable for all the services provided for through the web pages of, especially those that are accessible through the internet website of

12.2. In case of interconnection of files to those of third parties (legal entities and/or natural persons), which may provide their services to the user through the website of, articles 8 and 9 of Law 2472/1997, are in force and apply, through which states that is in full compliance.

12.3. «Responsible Person for Data Processing» in the sense of Law 2472/1997 regarding personal data entered by the users in the website is exclusively, with the reservation of the previous paragraph, so in the event of data processing by third parties (legal entities or natural persons), the responsibility for the maintenance of the personal data protection rules lies solely with these third parties.

12.4 as a «Responsible Person for Data Processing» in accordance with articles 11-13 of Law 2472/1997, has notified all potential users, during the process of personal data collection, of the company’s identity, of the purpose of their data’s processing, the recipients or the groups of recipients, who by virtue of their data processing, may have knowledge of such data, as well as the users’ continuous right to have access in the personal data inserted by them in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of Law 2472/1997. All inserted userspersonal data are provided to willingly and with their express consent to that effect. The user has the right, after expiry of its agreement with, to request at any time the deletion of the personal data from its data base.

12.5 Personal Data processing is confidential. It is exclusively effected through the persons who are under the control of the “Responsible Person for Data Processing” or the “Person effecting the data Processing” and only under its orders. is under an obligation to take all operational and technical measures for the security of the data and its protection from accidental or wrongful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited circulation or access and any other wrongful processing. secures and represents that all of its associates related to the personal data processing are individuals with corresponding professional qualifications, who provide warranties from a technical knowledge perspective and personal integrity for the maintenance of confidentiality. With the exception of the instance where the use of data is necessary for the prosecution of prohibited actions within the scope of the website services provided by, in principle this data remains in the company’s data base and is exclusively used for statistical purposes. Provided that it is feasible, this data remains anonymous.

12.6. User’s personal data processing is effected by only within the scope of the company’s objectives and in particular in relation to the user’s participation in online transactions via its website, excluding any other use and processing. uses the user’s personal data for the user’s exercise of its rights of participation in the online transactions via its website, within the scope of its agreement with, as well as the payment procedure. Furthermore, provided that the user has granted its express consent during the registration stage, its data may be used by for its notification in relation to products, services and other offers, which might interest the user. In the event of such notification, the user shall be effectively notified of its right to cancel the e-mail service at any time. Finally, uses the user’s data, for the aversion of any undesired actions performed on its website and for the prosecution of possible non authorized connections.

Unless otherwise provided for by express legislative provision, the sale, concession, notification and in general any transfer of personal data towards any third party is prohibited. Third parties have access to personal data, only if and to the extent necessary for the operation and provision of their services. Third parties are under an obligation to use the users’ data in accordance with clause 11 of the present terms and conditions regarding protection of personal data, as well as the provisions of Law. 2472/1997, and especially those of articles 8 and 9.

12.8. In the event that, a corporation owned by, its particular affiliate companies or business sectors of such companies are sold, then the data of its users, who are on its database, are by default transferred along with the transferred section of the business. Personal data in this event is subject to the limitations of clause 11 of the present terms and conditions, as well as the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding the protection of personal data.

12.9. The personal data stated by the user is exclusively used by and the businesses cooperating with it with the purpose of providing the service. Its use by any third party without complying with the provisions of Law 2472/97 on the protection from processing personal data, as applicable each time, is not allowed. operates in accordance with the governing Law. The user’s personal data is safely kept for as long as he/she is a registered member and it is deleted whenever the user wants. The total of documents and electronic data exchanged between users within the scope of the transactions shall be kept by The user can have access to it if he/she wishes in accordance with the governing Laws.

12.11. The IP address, through which the computer accesses the internet and consequently, can be exclusively and only used for the gathering of statistical data.

12.12. The entire user’s data (personal information, addresses, credit cards’ numbers) is coded with the use of SSL protocol, i.e. the most powerful existing encryption at 128bit, so that it is absolutely secured when entered or modified. In this way, all your personal information is coded, including your credit card number, your name and your address so that they cannot be read or changed when transferred online.

12.13. The SSl protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is today the global standard on the internet for the certification of websites to the web users and for the encryption of data between the web users and the web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all the information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and to be decoded by the receiving software, thus protecting the personal information during their transfer. Moreover, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if the data has been changed during transfer. Read more about the SSL protocol:

12.14. Like most websites, can use cookies to identify users of certain web services and web pages (e.g. newsletters). Without the aforementioned use would not be able to provide its users important services like: status of orders, personal settings etc. Cookies are tiny alphanumeric text files that are stored on the hard drive of every visitor/user’s computer and extract no knowledge of any of the documents or files on his/her computer. They are used to facilitate the visitor/user’s access for specific services of, for statistical purposes in order to specify the areas where its services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. In order for to formulate its website provisions in the best possible way, it uses and applies Cookies. Cookies are in principle deleted from the user’s hard disk upon completion of the user’s visit to the website of The user may adjust its web browser in such a way so as not to allow Cookies in general. In such event it is possible that the use of web pages may not be feasible or may be limited for technical reasons.

13 Intellectual property rights

13.1. The total of intellectual property rights for all the content of the website (including distinctive titles, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, photos, designs, texts etc.) belongs either to or has the license to use them. The copying, reproduction, republication, transfer, loading, notification, modification of a part or of the total of content of the present website, its distribution or transmission or any other use of the content with the use of any way or means for commercial or other purposes without the prior written consent of is forbidden. does not own and does not claim the intellectual property rights for the trademarks of Products.

13.2. website contains all kinds of data, which are protected by established trademark rights and intellectual property rights in favour of or for the benefit of third parties pursuant to articles 1, 2, 14, 15 and 18 and the following of Law 2239/1994, articles 9 and the following of Directive 40/94/EC on Community Trade Mark (CTMR) and articles 42 and the following of Law 2121/1993. Unless explicitly permitted by the present terms, the user is not entitled to edit, copy, distribute, publicly reproduce website or available individual parts thereof or use them for advertising purposes or deviate whatsoever from the purposes as described in the present contract. It is only permitted the technically necessary reproduction for the purposes of browsing as well as the permanent reproduction solely for private use. Offenders will be prosecuted under the relevant civil and penal provisions.

13.3. The term “data” includes all images, text, graphics and the environment of website, music, sounds, sound sequences, videos, software programs and program codes, all projects, creations and information in general, which provides through its website. The term “data” also includes the additional range of services provided for downloading.

13.4. The user is obliged to abstain from any measure and/or procedure, which may compromise or interrupt the functioning of website or of individual services provided on it, as well as to abstain from using data, for which access to the user is denied. The retrieval and use of the provided services may only take place in such a manner, that the use of website and its content by other users is not affected anyhow. The transfer of data or software that may affect the recipients’ hardware or software is prohibited.

13.5. Any use of website for commercial and especially advertising purposes requires prior written consent from

13.6. The user is not entitled to publish text or records of any content on website.

13.7. The use of website through an anonymous service that is hiding the true IP address of the user is not permitted.

14 Governing Law – Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising between and any user regarding the interpretation, application, use, presentation, copying of the website and the services provided on it, the implementation or the execution of their contractual obligations laid out in the present terms, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Katerini, unless the Law provides otherwise or arbitration has been agreed between the parties for the settlement of their dispute. Greek Law is applicable.

15 Contact information

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16 Miscellaneous

16.1. The present terms constitute the entire agreement between and the user.

16.2. If any of these terms is invalid, such will not render all the terms invalid.

16.3. The non-opposition of to acts or omissions of the user does not imply a waiver from the relevant rights.