Oh baby its cold outside and the best way to stay warm and stylish when the weather gets cold is to layer!  Follow these easy winter layering tips that will help you create a cozy, warm and chic looking outfit all at the same time.

-Pick a neutrals color palette or try prints in classic hues. If you want to add more dimensions to your outfit, choose one bright color or print to make it more interesting.


-If you want to go for the monochromatic look, it’s best to incorporate a mix of materials. Make the look more interesting with accessories, preferably long scarves.


-When it comes to matching with prints, it’s better to have only one pattern, and to keep the rest plain.


- To pull off the layered look, it’s best to keep your layered tops close to the same length, and the outer layer longer than the under layer. For example, a longer jacket, coat, or blazer, looks best when paired with a shorter hem below.


If you choose to wear several layers on top, keep the bottom-half long and lean. Try skinny-cut, or slim-cut pants, or leggings.


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